Manicure & Pedicure

Regular Manicure $25 

Regular Pedicure $40 

Manicure Gel $35 

Pedicure Gel $55 

Combo Pedicure Gel + Manicure Gel

Combo Spa Ped + Reg Mani $65 

Combo Spa Ped + Gel Mani $75 

Dip Powder Color $45 

Dip Powder French $50 

Acrylic Nails

Regular Full Set $38 

Regular Fill In $30 

Full Set Ombre $60 

Fill In Ombre $50 

Full Set Pink & White $53 

Pink & White Fill In $43 

Pink Fill In $33 

Full Set White Tip $40 

Full Set Gel Color $50 

Gel Refill $40 

Gel Add On Acrylic $15 

French Dip Powder $45 

(cuticle cut $10 extra)

French Tip Powder $55 

Tip Powder Glitter $50 

Spa Packages

Regular $40 

When was the last time you treated your feet? Take care of your dry, winter feet with a decadent pedicure that differs from the rest.

This special service includes cutting, shaping, callus treatment to help soften the feet, creating a relaxing sensation with a hot towel, hot wax massage with lotion.

Lovely Pedicure $45 

Have a lovely experience at Lovely Nails & Spa!

First we will cut, shape, treat calluses to keep the feet soft. Then, create a sense of relaxation, dispel fatigue with a hot towel, gently massage hot wax with lotion and hot stones.


This is the most popular and convenient Pedicure. It requires no drying time and has an anti-smudge and anti-chip formula giving you flawless polish for weeks! We use an LED gel lamp for curing (No-UV).

Revitalize your feet with our gel pedicure! Gel pedicure includes soaking your feet in warm water, nail trimming, cuticle shaping, heel buffing and scrub, light orange scrub, relaxing massage with lotion, and hot towels. The treatment is completed with the application of Gel polish and a light toe massage.

Luxury Pedicure $55 

This treatment takes place in our tranquil spa lounge and commences with aa awakening foot soak,full hard skin removal, and a reviving foot exfoliation. A hydrating and nourishing lotion ii applied to perform a foot, ankle and leg massage, followed by a heated paraffin wrap treatment, which delivers intense results for dry, tired feet. Enjoy a soothing massage with fresh orange.

To finish, your nails will be shaped and perfectly polished using a high gloss, long lasting polish.

Additional Services

Polish Change Hand $13 

Polish Change Toes $15 

Remove Acrylic $12 

Remove Gel Polish $12 

Add French $5 

Nail Design $6 UP - $25

Nail Repair $5 

Coffin Shape $5 

Almond Shape $5 

Stiletto $5 

Matte Top Coucoust Gel $3 

Kid Menu

Pedicure 8-12 $30 

Pedicure 13-15 $35 

Pedicure + Manicure $50 

Manicure 8-12 $20